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Hello, I'm Schuyler Sackett. Welcome to my website.

I'm a television and radio host, and a writer and producer of television documentaries and interview programs.

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Please explore my site and look into some of the TV and radio projects I've helped create. I hope you enjoy your visit.

This series of documentaries explores the spiritual heritage of the United States through the places where our nation's many faiths took root and grew.

You can click on the Landmarks of Faith icon to learn more about the series and watch series highlights or individual episodes.

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I developed and hosted this hour-long daily television interview program for The Monitor Channel, a broadcast arm of The Christian Science Monitor. (The show's title is the Monitor's address in Boston, Massachusetts.)

You can click on the One Norway Street icon to learn more about the program and watch some highlights.

Originating at the Monitor's headquarters in Boston, the World Service radio broadcasts used the global resources of this highly respected global news organization to make Monitor journalism available to listeners everywhere.

I co-hosted this two-hour, daily news and information program, broadcast around the world on shortwave radio. I also produced and hosted regular interviews for the World Service, with guests who ranged from heads of state, politicians and historians to musi- cians, actors and novelists.